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By now, many excited football fanatics will have February 4th proudly marked on their calendar, with the countdown well underway. Some may take this as another regular day, especially for those outside of America – so for those who don’t understand what we’re tossing the ball at – the ‘Big Game’, as it is coined, […]
There are so many varied and exciting flavors around the globe that might differ from what is offered in your hometown. Experimenting with these tastes, all while staying cruelty-free, is a great way to spice up your meals and appreciate other cultures. If you fancy getting creative in the kitchen, these 11 cookbooks from cuisines […]
If you’re a newbie to the wide and wonderful world of veganism – or simply veg-curious and have been browsing though recipes for food inspiration – chances are, you’re unfamiliar with some (or many) of the unusual (yet amazing) ingredients required. You can find simple recipes to help start your journey and you certainly don’t […]
January can be a tricky month for food with people trying to avoid roast dinners at all costs, and some people embarking on healthier lifestyles. Many people choose to take the Veganuary challenge, a way to take your first steps into veganism with a whole month of support and resources. So, in honor of this, […]
Derek and Chad, aka The Sarno Bros. of Wicked Healthy Food, have teamed up with Veganuary to bring you ‘wicked awesome recipes’ for each day of January. The brothers who describe themselves as ‘proud graduates of the university of common sense and kitchen smahts’ are on a mission to make your Veganuary journey as simple […]
In a recent episode of MasterChef: The Professionals, contestants were given the brief of creating a “showstopper”. Chef Matt Campbell certainly did so, wowing judges by crafting a raw, vegan, sugar-free dessert. LIVEKINDLY had the chance to talk further with Campbell about veganism in the food industry, and what is driving these changes. Campbell turned […]
Can vegans food give you enough calcium to grow strong, healthy bones? Are vegan calcium sources really good enough? Yes, in fact, some studies show that casein, a protein found in cow’s milk, may actually stop the body from being able to absorb calcium, leading to compromised bone health. Thankfully there are plenty of vegan […]