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Social media influencers are looking for more vegan delivery options, according to Foodable Labs. The platform, which provides current insights into the foodservice industry, has revealed that 62.7 percent of influencers are seeking more plant-based delivery options. Plant-based conversations among food influencers have also surged by 78.4 percent over the last year, it added. Additionally, influencers are highly engaged […]
The Organic Grill, a critically-acclaimed 18-year-old vegetarian restaurant in New York City’s East Village neighborhood, has officially made the switch to a vegan menu. Known for its meat-free comfort food, The Organic Grill has received recognition for its vegan dishes and was voted as having one of the top nine veggie burgers in NYC. While the restaurant […]
New Zealand food hospitality industry professionals have identified sustainable and plant-based food as among the top restaurant trends of the year, according to a recent survey. Reported by the New Zealand Herald, a total of 2,000 members of the Restaurant Association of New Zealand, a membership-based organization that provides support to those working in the industry, […]
UK based company, Little & Cull, who supply to many restaurants and hotels across the country, is doubling its vegan range. The company received a £2.7 million funding package from one of the UK’s biggest banks: Lloyds. Little & Cull, who are based in Devon, claims it is doubling the range of vegan options due to […]
North American Mexican-inspired chain, Qdoba Mexican Eats, has launched a new pricing plan labeled the “Vegetarian Tier initiative.” On average, vegetarians and vegans, or anyone wanting a vegan meal, save around sixty cents per meal. The chain has also launched the new reward system in a bid to encourage meat-eaters to choose more veggie dishes. […]
Chefs at over 80 restaurants have said that plant-based food will be a top restaurant trend in 2018, with many menus featuring more meat-free options. Top vegan chef James Kenney recently announced his belief that chefs have the same responsibility as doctors when it comes to keeping us healthy. Kenney observed, “A world that largely […]
With 2018’s Veganuary (go vegan for the month of January) soon arriving, many people are gearing up to take the month-long vegan pledge, for animals, the environment and (or) personal health. Perfect for a “New Years’ Resolution”! On the same day that the next Veganuary launches (December 28th), the organisation will also be launching a […]