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Created by Californian based company Beyond Meat, the plant-based phenomenon, the Beyond Burger, not only cooks and tastes like the real deal but you can also find more protein and iron inside than in an ordinary meaty beef burger. There are currently over 3000 Beyond Burger retailers in the US, with Raley’s, Mariano’s and Bristol […]
In the latest company release, Dean Foods – the largest supplier of cow milk in America, has shown their profits have plummeted by a staggering 91%! That’s no typo, moo-ve over dairy milk – plant based milk is taking over. Dean Foods’ net income stood at $14.53 million in last year’s third quarter report – […]
According to the latest market research by Packaged Facts, Dairy and Dairy Alternative Beverage Trends in the U.S., 4th Edition – the market for both dairy-based and dairy-alternative beverages is projected to skyrocket up to $28 billion before 2021. That’s only four years of plant based milk-glass jugging away! LIVEKINDLY recently reported how plant based sales, […]
As we reported earlier this week, data gathered by market research group 1010 Data has revealed that sales of plant-based products have increased three-fold since 2016. This increase in sales was rightly seen as excellent news, illustrating that more people are becoming aware of the many detrimental effects associated with animal agriculture, and acting on […]
A recent study has shown the plant-based foods market has just topped a rather substantial sales figure of $3.1 billion. This study was funded by the Plant Based Foods Association and The Good Food Institute with the data collected by Neilsen, a market research company. Included in the data is sales information from merchandisers of mass products […]

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