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Major UK supermarket chain Waitrose has launched its very own vegan take on the popular cheese ploughman’s sandwich. The new sandwich features cheddar-style vegan cheese, fresh tomatoes, sweet pickle, and a dollop of vegan mayonnaise. Although initially available at an introductory bargain price of £1.95 – cheap for the famously upmarket chain – the sandwich will retail […]
“Hamburgers: the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast,” said Samuel Jackson’s character, Jules Winnfield, in Quentin Tarantino’s legendary 1994 American crime film, “Pulp Fiction.” But he was wrong, turns out the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast is vegan sandwiches, at least according to Bun Fiction, Bristol’s newest and “filthiest” (in the good sense of the word) sandwich shop. The […]
Warburton’s, a major British bread company, recently conducted a survey to determine the UK’s favorite sandwich. The results were surprising. According to the research, the hummus and falafel sandwich reigned supreme, even over the meat-based options. The bread company took a deep dive into the popularity of sandwiches in UK history, beginning in the 1970s. […]
Kicking off the year with a healthy start, luxury supermarket Waitrose has announced some new products making their way onto shelves, and they are completely vegan. In the on-the-go options, Waitrose has included two new vegan sandwiches: Vegan Mean Greens, and Sweet Potato and Chipotle. The supermarket is also beginning to offer Mushroom and Miso […]
This January, vegan chef Derek Sarno is launching an exciting new brand. Exclusive to Tesco who is ‘leading the plant based movement as far as retailers go‘, the Wicked Kitchen range will include 20 exciting new products that are all completely vegan. Sarno has previously worked as the senior global chef at Whole Foods Market […]
Just in time for a back to work meal deal, popular UK cosmetics chain, Boots, has launched a new vegan range. According to an observant facebook user, the range is currently in store and all options are available as part of the £3.29 meal deal which also buys you a drink and a snack. The […]
A petition intended to convince the ‘big six’ supermarkets to introduce a wide range of vegan options to their meal deals has been publicly backed by a UK MP. Labour MP, Matt Rodda, is currently the representative for Reading East. According to Reading Chronicle, Rodda said: ‘I think it is important that people have a […]
Pharmacy chain Boots, renowned in the UK for its impressive meal deal selection, has launched a poll on twitter asking customers to vote on which new vegan lunch option they would like to see in stores. There are two options to choose from, one of which is a sandwich and the other, quite excitingly, is […]