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Dale Vince — the founder of vegan energy company Ecotricity and chairman of carbon-neutral football club Forest Green Rovers (FGR) — is on a mission to get plant-based foods into UK schools. With the opening of a brand-new factory named “The Devil’s Kitchen” in Gloucestershire, the entrepreneur hopes to disrupt the school catering industry, which […]
A Manchester mother has successfully used the Human Rights Act to ensure free vegan lunches are being served at her daughter’s school. Laura Chepner launched a campaign to include vegan school lunch options after Lois, her five-year-old daughter, started attending Ramsbottom’s Hazelhurst Primary in September. On Lois’ first day, Chepner was concerned by the lack of vegan lunchtime choices. She […]
In a bid to improve student health across the nation, UK primary schools have committed to serving 3.1 million meatless meals within the next 12 months. The major change is part of the nonprofit organisation ProVeg UK’s School Plates programme, which works with schools and catering companies to improve school menus. Since summer, 110 primary schools have […]
The Scottish government has opened up a consultation regarding nutritional requirements for healthy food and drink in schools. Scottish vegans are being urged to participate in the consultation and ask MPs to introduce more vegan options into the state’s schools. According to the consultation paper, most children in the country are not consuming anywhere near […]
The Vegan Society has launched a new nationwide campaign, Catering for Everyone, which calls on UK citizens to reach out to their local council and ask them to provide more vegan options in the public sector. The campaign will be followed up with a petition to the government in the summer, requesting legislative change that […]
A first-of-its-kind program has launched in classrooms across America. The initiative uses Virtual Reality technology to help students make the connection that farm animals are “friends, not food.” The “cultivating compassion in-classroom program” is led by Farm Sanctuary Humane Education. According to a press release, this free-of-charge modern food education program is opening minds in New […]
Laws surrounding child nutrition need updating, according to non-profit health organisation the Good Food Institute (GFI). In a recent report by Food Navigator, it is revealed that the changing eating habits of the public have not been mirrored under the “outdated” Dietary Guidelines for America. The GFI believes that updating these guidelines would allow public facilities, […]