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A new animal welfare documentary called “Long Gone Wild” is set to be released this year. The film picks up where “Blackfish” left off, raising awareness about the cruelty orcas face in captivity and within the wildlife trade. Vision Films just released the trailer for the upcoming feature film, which was written, produced, and directed […]
Actor Alec Baldwin is urging SeaWorld to stop its cruel treatment of dolphins. The “Boss Baby” and “30 Rock” star made the request during the marine park’s annual online meeting. “My question is this,” Baldwin said. “When will SeaWorld stop allowing trainers to use dolphins in harmful circus-style shows that display cruelty, such as riding […]
Canada is one step closer to banning dolphin and whale captivity. Currently, the nation has two marine parks with cetaceans in captivity: Vancouver Aquarium and Marineland. The former has a lone Pacific white-sided dolphin named Helen, as it officially announced the end of its captive dolphin and whale program at the beginning of 2018. Marineland, […]
Updated October 3, 2019. Marine mammal park SeaWorld is now advertising vegan food including the meat-like Impossible Burger. Earlier this year, SeaWorld Orlando announced details for its Seven Seas Food Festival, an annual event that brings together various bands and cuisines. “Last year, with the Seven Seas [Food Festival], especially, we started with the Impossible […]
SeaWorld’s last Shamu-themed orca ride at its San Antonio location is now closed. According to Orlando Weekly, the ride will be re-branded ahead of the 2019 season and renamed “Super Grover’s Box Car Derby.” The publication notes that the rollercoaster is the last attraction to be rebranded in a long process of removing traces of […]
Fitness expert, author, and personal trainer Kathy Kaehler has created a mock “exercise routine” for captive orcas at the marine park SeaWorld. Made in partnership with animal rights organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), Kaehler’s video highlights just how small the tanks at SeaWorld really are and how depressing the lives of […]
Nine claimants, including the Animal Welfare Insitute (AWI) and the Whale and Dolphin Conservation, have filed a lawsuit against the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) over a lack of SeaWorld orca necropsy reports. The group of claimants also includes the Earth Island Institute, PETA, and whale expert Dr. Lori Marino. The group is suing the federal […]
Earlier this week, a volunteer donning an orca costume was contained to a tiny tank outside of a Pittsburgh AAA Automotive Club office in a bid to urge the company to end ties with SeaWorld. Throughout the day, the activist pleaded to passerby for help, calling attention to the unsuitably small habitats that the marine park’s orcas live […]

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