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Blaming their second-quarter loss of $175.9 million on a reduction of advertising nationwide, ‘misconception’ of animal treatment at their parks and competitive pressure from rival theme parks (such as Universal and Disney), SeaWorld has experienced a large drop in attendance to their theme parks, with their stock since the beginning of the year falling by […]
James Cromwell, an Oscar-nominated vegan actor, among another 6 PETA activists were cited for trespassing earlier this week after setting foot into controversial amusement park, SeaWorld in an effort to raise awareness for their inhumane treatment of cetaceans. Cromwell participated in staging a protest for #BoycottSeaWorldDay! “Orcas deserve a full life in the ocean, not […]
At only 3 months old, SeaWorld’s last Orca to be born in captivity has died. “Kyara” was the final killer whale in SeaWorld’s orca-breeding program and had reportedly been suffering from an infection since last weekend. Kyara’s health had since continued to decline despite receiving onsite treatment from veterinarians in their San Antonio park. Following […]

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