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Renowned UK-based vegan fast-food eatery Temple of Seitan, known for serving up plates of seitan for the masses, has just announced its latest plant-based meatalicious venture: vegan “bone-in” ribs. Temple of Seitan first shared the news via Instagram: “[t]he secret is out! We are beyond excited to announce that in partnership with @blaxuk be serving […]
KFC has been closing stores across the UK due to a nationwide chicken shortage, which has caused quite the uproar with loyal customers. However, the stores could continue to operate, if the company were to take up Quorn on their offer to supply KFC with animal-free chicken nuggets. The fast-food giant has not responded to Quorn’s […]
It’s that time of year again, some people love it and others hate it, but no matter what you feel, Valentines Day is just around the corner. If you’re the type who embraces a bit of romance and you’re planning a quiet night in on February 14th with your partner in crime, we’ve got some […]
Milwaukee is getting a new vegan restaurant as the Midwest continues to flourish along with the booming demand for vegan food. With increased interest comes increased accessibility and a wider variety of options. Milwaukee’s Celesta is bringing something a little different with a combination of late-night food, cocktails, entrees inspired by foods from all over […]
Vegan Portlanders looking for a good spot to go with non-vegan friends for late-night eats and drinks can check out the new Thunderbird — the eighth bar from the Lightning Bar Collective, opening in the city tomorrow. The restaurant and bar will feature some expected and vegan-friendly gastropub bar eats including a number of vegan barbecue […]
“Old-school” plant-based proteins are making a comeback, says the New Hope Network. Foods like beans, tofu, and wheat-based seitan, are reportedly holding their own while big name plant-meat producers Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods take much of the spotlight. “While Wired and like publications give Hampton Creek, Beyond Meat and other new plant-based purveyors plenty […]
Seitan, also known as wheat gluten, is a plant-based alternative to meat. Seitan is very high-protein, boasting a staggering 72g per one-cup serving. And it’s versatile as these seven seitan recipes prove. Similar to bread dough with all starch removed from the flour, only the pure gluten protein is left, creating a meaty textured high-protein food that […]

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