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Seoul Ends the Slaughter of Dogs for Meat

Seoul Ends the Slaughter of Dogs for Meat

The dog meat industry in South Korea could be coming to an end. The last three dog meat shops in Seoul will no longer slaughter dogs on-site for their meat. The shops are still permitted...

Seoul Mayor to Ban the Dog Meat Trade

The dog meat trade may soon come to an end in Seoul. Park Won-soon, the mayor of the capital, has vowed to eradicate the notorious business. The South China Morning Post reports that announcement followed...
Vegan Space South Korea Vegan Market

‘Vegan Space’ Supermarket Opens in Seoul, South Korea

A new vegan supermarket is now open in Seoul, South Korea. Named Vegan Space, the new business sells a range of plant-based and sustainable goods, including fermented drinks, cereal, nondairy milk, tempeh, condiments, pickled vegetables, and cruelty-free toiletries. Championing...