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In an exciting new development, famous shoe brand Dr. Martens have released a vegan version of the classic backpack! Usually made of leather, the backpack comes in Cherry Red, similar to the well known Oxblood colour of their classic shoes. The beautiful, satchel style backpack comes in a vegan material that Dr. Marten’s assures customers […]
25 years ago, California-based T.U.K Shoes opened its first retail store in 1991, soon becoming home to unique, edgy, and totally punk-rock (and often vegan) footwear for consumers with eclectic taste. Soon after the first store opened, demand for these funky, yet out-there shoes soared, and the brand now retails worldwide. Yep, UK residents, Aussies, […]
Vegan superstar, Miley Cyrus, made an exciting announcement on social media yesterday. The star is pairing with well-known footwear brand, Converse, to bring fans her very own range. Miley gave Instagram followers a sneak preview of what’s to come after receiving the first samples for her new footwear line. The theme appears to be pink, […]
Collection & Co, founded in 2016, is adding to our Christmas lists with their 2017 winter collection of faux leather and non-animal glue vegan shoes and bags! Making fashion sustainable is key to this company, and founder Felecia Papa has said: “[w]e aim to pave the way for a truly sustainable future by implementing less […]