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Waitrose Just Launched Vegan Smoked Salmon Sandwiches

Waitrose has launched grab-and-go vegan smoked salmon sandwiches. The sandwich -- called Vegan No Smoked Salmon & Dill -- includes "smoked and marinated carrot," according to the UK supermarket chain. It also contains lemon, dill, spinach...
This Vegan Lox Is Made Entirely Out of Papaya

How This Johannesburg Eatery Is Making Vegan Salmon Out of Papaya

Johannesburg vegan restaurant Kaylee's Eatery has figured out how to make salmon that looks, tastes, and even smells like lox using only papaya fruit. Many chefs use carrots to create vegan lox, however, the Kaylee's Eatery...
Jarred Vegan Smoked Salmon Launches in England

Jarred Vegan Smoked Salmon Launches in England

The UK is adding to its roster of vegan fish options with the launch last month of F-ish, a plant-based alternative to smoked salmon. F-ish's creator, who just goes by Moko, says the idea for the brand...