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Costco, one of the leading American discount stores, is known for a few things – bulk products,  free samples, unfathomably long lines for slightly cheaper gas, and cheap pizza (of equally enormous proportions). However, the warehouse-style club store is slowly becoming a bit more health conscious and vegan-friendly. Beginning in July, the infamous Costco food […]
Scandinavian-based startup Veg of Lund has created a new vegan beverage that provides consumers with ten percent of the recommended daily energy intake and half of the recommended daily omega-3 intake. The drink—titled “My Foodie”—is a heat-stable vegetable emulsion that combines rapeseed oil with potatoes. The result, Veg of Lund CEO Thomas Olander told FoodNavigator, […]
The UK’s top fruit smoothie and juice brand, Innocent Drinks, has announced the release of their very first range of vegan-friendly nut and oat milk. Waitrose and Ocado will be the first stockists, with Tescos, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons’ shelves next in line for the new products. Alpro and Oatly are just two of the current major […]
Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) are looking to get in on the current plant-based boom by introducing three dairy-free smoothies to Europe. The Latin American brand titled Adez, is fruity and soy-based and will be on the UK’s shelves this March. The product was first introduced in 2006 by Unilever. However, this turned out to be an […]
In an interview with The Cut, hit singer and songwriter, Ellie Goulding revealed she is becoming a full-time vegan. “I’m trying to be a full vegan, I’ve been a vegetarian for six years. I was a vegetarian all the way through my teens as well. I’ll definitely never eat fish or meat again,” said the star. […]
Getting our sweat on does wonders for our physical and mental health. However, in order to get the most out of our workouts, we have to fuel our bodies with the best foods. This means consuming nutrient-dense, plant foods that are high in protein. These foods build and repair tissues and allow for a quicker […]

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