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Is Soy Bad For You and the Environment?

Humans have consumed soybeans for centuries; Chinese farmers first domesticated the crop more than 3,000 years ago. Since then, soybeans have soared in popularity around the world, but production has accelerated in the last...
The Health Benefits of Tofu and How to Cook It

The Health Benefits of Tofu and How to Cook It

Tofu is low-fat, high protein, high in iron, and 100 percent vegan. But the soy-based meat-alternative has a variety of other health benefits too. What Is Tofu? There are many varieties of tofu. A staple ingredient...
UK Doctors Urge for the Ban of Fast Food Restaurants Near Schools

Can Junk Food Ever Really Be Vegan?

Nowadays it seems we hear the word vegan as often as we hear the word millennial, and indeed it seems that worldwide we have an increasing interest in both topics. However, where veganism was...