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Starbucks Just Launched 3 New Dairy-Free Ready-to-Drink Coffees

Starbucks Just Launched More Dairy-Free Ready-to-Drink Coffees

Starbucks U.K. just added new vegan cappuccinos to its ready-to-drink coffee range. Retail trade journal The Grocer teased the new drinks on its Instagram page. "Joining Almond Iced Coffee, Coconut Cocoa Cappuccino and Oat Vanilla...
Starbucks Just Launched Vegan ‘Toasted’ Hot Chocolate

Starbucks Just Launched Vegan ‘Toasted’ Hot Chocolate

Starbucks UK just launched a vegan-friendly Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate for the holiday season. The festive new drink is a combination of mocha sauce and marshmallow syrup. To make it vegan, order it with plant-based...

Vegan Butter Cakes to Launch in Starbucks

Starbucks is launching two new vegan cakes in its UK stores, Vegan Food UK reports. According to the publication, the largest coffee chain in the world is adding plant-based butter bars to its shelves. The new...