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We're All In This Together: A Message From Our Founder

We’re All In This Together: A Message From Our Founder

From the start, LIVEKINDLY has been a small business with big aspirations. I founded LIVEKINDLY to create the deep connections we all crave, and to spread the common message of kindness and compassion for all....
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Vegan Companies Team Up to Deliver Wine and Cheese Right to Your Door

Vegan company Miyoko’s Kitchen has teamed up with subscription service Vegan Wines to deliver – quite literally – every foodie’s dream. A recent announcement revealed that shortly, every subscription box purchased from Vegan Wines will...

Meat Eating Family Taste Test Vegan Snacks

Mail. After the age of about 15, it generally isn’t anything you want to be receiving. Phone bills, credit card bills, Jehovah’s Witness pamphlets, eviction notices… urgh! Enough already! Wouldn’t it be great if your...