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How to Buy the Best Vegan Sunscreen

31 of the Best 30+ SPF Vegan Sunscreen Brands

Vegan sunscreen is protecting our skin and our planet from long term damage. With the summer finally upon us, we can all start to enjoy the sunny season to its fullest. Especially for those living...
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Hawaii Officially Bans Sunscreens Damaging Coral Reef and Marine Life

Hawaii has become the first state in America to ban the sale of coral reef damaging sunscreens. On July 3, the governor of Hawaii David Inge signed the bill, initially passed by lawmakers back in...
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7 Vegan Beach Bag Must Haves, From Sunscreen to Salt Spray

If you're planning to do some summer lovin' this season, extend your compassion to animals, your health, and the planet by choosing vegan. The perfect beach day begins with a big bag full of...