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San Francisco now has its first all-vegan grocery store. Called Green Taste Vegan Goods, the California-based supermarket stocks only plant-based products including dairy-free cheese and cashew yogurt. Vegan eggs by JUST and Beyond Meat burger patties are available, along with gluten-free pasta, cold-pressed juices, snacks, and household items. The grocery store serves fresh plant-based donuts […]
UK supermarket chain ASDA is selling vegan hot cross buns made with currants and orange peel just in time for the Easter season. The four-pack is part of ASDA’s Baker’s Selection Range and costs just £2. This isn’t the first time the affordable supermarket has offered vegan hot cross buns – last year, ASDA launched […]
U.S. grocery chain Trader Joe’s has added yet another new vegan product to its shelves. According to The Impulsive Buy, new gluten-free vegan-friendly Cocoa Crunch cereal was recently spotted in stores. It was also spotted by the Instagram account Trader Hoes Aficionado. A close-up of the ingredients reveals zero animal products were used to make […]
Affordable plant-based brand Alternative Foods is set to launch a new range of vegan cakes in UK supermarkets soon. Lemon Drizzle, Salted Caramel, Victoria Sponge, and Chocolate Fudge are the new flavors set to be available in the range, according to Instagram account Accidentally Vegan. The brand will also launch Free OGGS this year, a […]
Twenty UK Sainsbury’s supermarkets will begin merchandising more than two dozen vegan protein products next to its meat counters for the first time, the chain announced yesterday. “We’re seeing increasing demand for plant-based products, and with the unstoppable rise of ‘flexitarianism’ in the UK, we are exploring further ways to make popular meat-free options more […]
Major UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has expanded its vegan range with 29 new products, including chorizo-style Shroomdogs, seitan bacon, and “beefless” Szechuan beef. The launch of the new selections – which includes chilled and frozen products – coincides with Veganuary, an international campaign that sees many giving up meat and dairy for their health and […]
The UK’s Co-op supermarket chain is launching a range of vegan ready meals according to an image shared by the Vegan Food UK Instagram page. The image, which appears to be a store circular, shows several items including a BBQ jackfruit sandwich, BBQ pulled jackfruit, Thai style broccoli with rice, a green curry stir fry, […]
UK supermarket chain Iceland has launched a new “No Cheese” range of frozen vegan pizzas. The new products – “No Cheese” Italian Garden, topped with broccoli, mushrooms, and red onions, and “No Cheese” Houmous, topped with houmous, seasoned tomatoes, and black kale – are the first plant-based pizza options to go on sale at the […]