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A vegan sushi bistro has opened in Prague. The new eatery has a focus on serving Onigirazu, or as they are colloquially dubbed, ‘sushi sandwiches.’ Aptly, Onigirazu is also the name of the new restaurant. According to media outlet City Spy Prague, “[d]espite Prague’s plentiful offerings, vegetarian sushi is often limited to the usual carrot/avocado/cucumber fare […]
In the words of Ocean Hugger Foods, ‘Seafood is awesome, extinction is not.’ The company is on a voyage to create viable, nutritious and tasty alternatives to seafood with ACF Certified Master Chef, James Corwell, at the helm. The initiative began at a fish market in Tokyo where Corwell observed the huge amounts of tuna […]
I am always on the look out for vegan recipes to impress my none vegan friends with (the best way to spread veganism, in my opinion). A few weeks ago I had a few friends over, and I knew none of them liked fish, so I thought this was my chance to show them they […]