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A pet nutrition startup is aiming to launch a line of clean meat for cats made from cultured mouse cells. US-based startup Because Animals is working on clean meat mouse meat cat treats, based on a cat’s natural prey, according to the company. “This meat is packed with the same protein that a cat in […]
Sir Richard Branson’s international airline Virgin Atlantic, with flights from the UK, North America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, has been removing ingredients deemed unsustainable such as beef, unsustainable palm oil, and soy from in-flight menus. The initiative is part of the company’s ongoing partnership with the non-profit organization the Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA). […]
Is a vegan diet best for the planet? England is projected to run short of water within 25 years, the chief executive of the Environment Agency has declared. Sir James Bevan, also a British diplomat and public servant, said the country is facing the “jaws of death.” Climate change has caused water supply to fall […]
Trader Joe’s is sticking to one of its New Year’s resolutions by committing to reduce its plastic waste by more than one million pounds. The move follows growing customer demand for less plastic and more sustainable packaging in Trader Joe’s stores; a petition on the subject amassed over 80,000 signatures in two months. In […]
If anyone had any doubts about vegan designer Stella McCartney’s commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly, cruelty-free fashion, her latest show in Paris Fashion Week puts all of these to bed. Not only did the designer’s models showcase faux leather boots and fur-free coats, but they also sported statement vegan tattoos. Applied by influential British makeup artist […]
Thanks to non-toxic, eco-friendly mattress brand Avocado Green you can now get your beauty sleep on an ethically-made, sustainable, and super soft vegan mattress. All of the companies pesticide-free products are handcrafted in the United States, without the use of polyurethane foam or toxic flame retardants. Some of its products contain wool, however, Avocado Green also […]
Veganism is starting to make waves across the world in the food and fashion and beauty industries, but another area where we can make a great difference is in the home. As an interior designer, I am so excited to be able to offer clients exclusively cruelty-free options when it comes to designing their spaces. I […]

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