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Ocean Hugger Foods, a vegan seafood company known for their tomato-based Ahimi tuna, made a surprising PSA on Instagram regarding sushi. According to a study published in 2017, nearly half of all sushi tested in Los Angeles sushi restaurants did not match the species listed on the menu. This goes way beyond imitation crab. Researches […]
The woman-owned plant-based sustainable seafood company, New Wave Foods, will launch its vegan shrimp this July in restaurants throughout New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia, and Long Island. The plant-based shrimp will be available in “raw” form or a crispy breaded variety. The company has partnered with Ace Natural, one of the most recognized organic and […]
Following the release of its premier vegan shrimp to select locations in the United States, vegan seafood company New Wave Foods is already looking ahead to the future. According to Food Navigator, company co-founder Dominique Barnes says that vegan crab and vegan lobster are the next logical steps in product innovation. Vegan salmon and tuna are also on […]
New San Franciso-based startup, Terramino Foods, has developed a plant-based salmon burger that mimics the taste, texture, and smell of real salmon. Reported by Fast Company, Terramino Foods was co-founded by Kimberlie Le and Joshua Nixon, who met as students at the University of California-Berkeley (UC Berkeley). There, they attended an undergraduate class called Plant-Based Seafood […]