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Traveling the world and reducing waste are two goals held by many people. It makes sense that the two go together: cutting back on waste protects the environment; traveling allows us to see firsthand the natural beauty the world has to offer.  Zero-waste travel might seem like a daunting challenge. Stores are lined with shampoo, […]
There isn’t enough land on the planet for everyone in the world to adhere to the USDA dietary recommendations, a new study has found. The results urged the need to adapt the current guidelines, shifting away from unsustainable foods that rely on animal products. The study, which was funded by a Canadian government grant through the […]
UK-based vegan and veggie meat brand Quorn Foods has announced it will be taking steps to remove black plastic containers from its products. The company sells meat-free nuggets, sausages, burgers, and more across the world. Now it says it aims to achieve 100 percent recyclable, reusable, and sustainable packaging by 2025. By the end of June more […]
Swedish furniture giant, Ikea, is promoting vegan food in preparation for this year’s Earth Day (April 22nd). A newsletter recently distributed by the company read: “Celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd with mouth-wateringly healthy recipes made from plant-based ingredients you can grow at home. These recipes will boost your body and mind while bringing you […]
Vegan actress Alicia Silverstone, best known for her role as Cher Horowitz in the iconic 1995 film Clueless, recently spoke out about her passion for sustainable living. In an interview with Media Planet, Silverstone discussed her longtime vegan lifestyle and how personal choices can impact the planet. Silverstone revealed she first went vegan due to her love […]
In an effort to reduce food waste and promote vegan food, one club at the University of Ottawa regularly prepares plant-based meals for students made with food that would have otherwise been thrown away. According to the website, The People’s Republic of Delicious (PRD) is a collective run by student volunteers that aims to “offer […]