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Since its launch last December, the McVegan has become a runaway hit in Sweden and Finland for the world’s biggest fast-food restaurant chain. While the meat-and seafood-heavy regions may seem like unlikely markets for McDonald’s to launch a vegan burger, that hasn’t been the case. There are twice as many vegans in Sweden per capita […]
A new report has revealed that Nordic citizens are becoming more open to vegan foods. From the top levels of government to individual consumers, a plant-based perspective is taking hold, sparking new policies and changes within the food industry to accommodate this plant-focused movement. The research comes from Ernst & Young, which conducted a survey on […]
Emojis hold a quite power. They can defuse a sarcastic text, rectify a miscommunicated message, or simply make someone smile. Emojis have also come under fire for their designs, most recently sparking controversy over Google’s simple salad and cheeseburger, which both received a makeover following consumer complaints. However, Max Burgers, a Swedish fast-food chain, has […]
An ice cream truck in the south UK was spotted displaying a vegan ice cream cone by UK dairy-free ice cream brand Swedish Glace.“The world has officially changed,” tweeted the Veganuary campaign.“Ice cream vans get vegan option.” The accompanying photo shows a lone vegan Caramel Toffee ice cream cone by Swedish Glace, a vegan ice cream brand […]
Sweden is heading toward a meat-free future, according to a new report released by The Swedish Board of Agriculture. In the largest annual decline of meat consumption in nearly thirty years, Swedish residents consumed nearly three percent less meat overall in 2017. “There are many reasons for the reduced consumption of meat, but the [vegan] […]
McDonald’s has announced it will be partnering with Swedish brand Anamma to bring the ‘McVegan’ burger to Sweden later this month. After a trial in Finland, the future of the McVegan burger was uncertain, however, the multinational fast-food chain has confirmed today that the vegan-friendly burger will have a permanent place on menus in both […]

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