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Valentine’s day is all about celebrating love, connection, positive emotions and creating happy memories. One way to validate the warm fuzzies and share a joyous experience is by sharing food. Sweets especially, considering the nature of the occasion. We’ve gussied up the conventional, ample-processed Valentine’s sweets by scouring the web for the 21 greatest vegan […]
Former lawyer Jasmehar Mavi gave up her career to open the vegan sweet shop Yumintum. Despite qualifying as a solicitor only a few months ago, 24-year-old Birmingham-based Mavi decided to switch paths towards the end of last year, launching her own gelatin-free sweet shop. According to the business owner, she was initially inspired to start […]
Swindon sweet shop Sweets Galore has launched a dedicated vegan section in response to the growing demand for gelatin-free sweets. The sweet shop is co-managed by Anne McCulloch, who came out of retirement to embark on the venture with her son. While the shop has always offered vegan, dairy-free and sugar-free sweets, its new section is in […]
Vegan candy company JJ’s Sweets, the maker of Cocomels, a dairy-free caramel made from coconut milk, has announced the launch of its new flavors for the holiday season. Company CEO and founder JJ Rademaekers took to social media earlier this week to announce the arrival at the Target store in Boulder, Colorado, where the company […]
In 2009, after losing his eyesight, Essex-based Andrew Kennard’s life changed completely. After two rounds of surgery and multiple laser treatments, the former chartered accountant regained his vision. Not wanting to return to an office job, Kennard – a self-confessed chocolate lover – instead decided to follow the path of becoming a chocolatier. “All accountants […]

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