Vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand Pacifica just dropped its latest collection at Target – and it includes drinkable probiotic powder you can add to water, juice, or smoothies. The new collection features four Beauty Powders, each of which contains vegan superfood ingredients said to benefit the body and mind. Seek Balance is a coconut vanilla-flavored […]
U.S. retail giant Target is adding a new range of vegan, cruelty-free, environmentally-friendly cleaning products to its shelves named Love Home and Planet. Inspired by the success of eco-friendly beauty range Love Beauty and Planet, the new brand, created by Unilever, was designed with sustainability and a love for the planet in mind. Like the beauty […]
Vegan dairy brand Silk is launching a range of oat milk, called “Oat Yeah.” The new non-dairy beverage is set to debut in major stores and supermarkets, including Walmart, Target, Sprouts, and Publix. Silk’s Oat Yeah comes in three “oat-mazing” flavors with names that sound like an episode of “Friends“: The Plain One, The Chocolate One, […]
Target, the second largest retailer in the U.S., has just announced the launch of a new range of non-dairy ice cream under its Archer Farms private label. The new line of frozen desserts is free from animal products and available in seven flavors including Cashew Caramel, Caramel Brownie, Vanilla Cake & Cookie Dough, Mocha Almond Fudge, Strawberry […]
International department store, Target, has been making strides to better its impact on the planet and those who inhabit it. Target’s 2018 Corporate Responsibility report includes planet-positive commitments that will roll out over coming years, including the revamping of its climate policy and its recent introduction of “wellness” icons and cruelty-free labeling. Target, which is the […]
Retail giants Tesco and Target have agreed to improve their water security and reduce carbon emissions and deforestation across their supply chains. The pledges are part of a supply chain program launched by CDP, a non-profit charity that works to lessen the environmental impacts of major corporations. The CDP now has 115 companies signed up […]
Vegan beauty brand, The Lip Bar, is launching in 144 Target stores this spring. Currently, the brand is available at 44 Target locations. Founder Melissa Butler started the company in 2012 in her kitchen following a career as a Wall Street financial analyst. Frustrated by the lack of diversity in the beauty marketing space, Butler was inspired to create a brand that […]