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Vegan Cannabis THC Infused Sriracha Is a Thing

Vegan Cannabis THC-Infused Sriracha Is a Thing

Vegan cannabis THC-infused Sriracha is a thing, in case you didn't know. The tincture was launched by Washington State-based cannabis company Fairwinds and helps to realize "the dreams of stoners nationwide," High Times reports. The product isn't...
Get Valentine's Ready With Vegan THC Chocolate Body Paint

Get Valentine’s Ready With Vegan THC Chocolate Body Paint

Valentine's Day PSA: THC-infused vegan dark chocolate body paint is a thing. Weed and hemp-based products are gaining traction in 2019. Fear mongering caused by early 20th-century propaganda films - like 1936's iconic "Reefer Madness"...
The Emergence of Cannabis Cooking Shows Challenges Stigmas Against Pot

Cannabis Cooking Shows Are Coming to a Screen Near You

Once considered a gateway to drug abuse, recreational and medicinal cannabis use is becoming increasingly accepted by the U.S. public as more states move to legalize it. With a more mainstream acceptance comes a shift...