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Air Fried Tofu delivers a crispy crust with a perfectly chewy center. Use this light tofu recipe over noodles, on salad, in your favorite bowl recipes, in wraps, and more! I got my air fryer last year after a fun conversation with Brandi of the blog Stay Snatched. She is an air fryer guru. In […]
Chef Gordon Ramsay is opening a new London restaurant, slated for a summer launch. Called “Lucky Cat,” the “authentic Asian Eating House” will take its inspiration from Tokyo drinking dens of the 1930s. Helming the menu is chef Ben Orpwood, a self-described “tofu freak.” Chef Orpwood joined Ramsay’s team last year after a stint at Leeds’ Issho. Lucky […]
Quebec is experiencing a tofu shortage, according to CTV News Montreal. The shortage comes after Canada’s new nutrition guidelines emphasized the importance of plant-based protein and nearly cut the dairy category altogether. Tofu has always been popular in the province, according to Sylvain Charlebois, a professor of food distribution and policy at Dalhousie University. But, […]
Osher Günsberg, the host of “The Bachelor Australia” best known by his stage name Andrew G has shut down claims that eating tofu gives you “man boobs.” The reality TV shared a gluten-free vegan meal consisting of brown rice, tofu, pickled radish, pumpkin, and natto – sticky, fermented Japanese soybeans – on his Instagram feed […]
Vegan entrepreneur, actor, and activist, Alicia Silverstone was recently featured in “Fridge Tours,” an online video series created by lifestyle magazine Women’s Health. In the segment, the star showed off her vegan fridge and expressed her views on the belief that soy affects with estrogen levels. Native to East Asia, soybeans are used to make a number of […]