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Toronto is adding a new element to the vegfest scene. Beginning on June 22, the Toronto Vegan Boat Cruise will set sail, making this unique event the city’s first vegan festival to be held on a boat. Guests will have their choice of an array of vegan eats and drinks while enjoying an evening cruise around […]
In light of Drake’s recent statement suggesting he’s gone plant based or vegetarian, a Toronto-based restaurant chain has constructed a billboard to commemorate the music artist’s new lifestyle change. The billboard features Drake’s latest album artwork, two clasped hands, with the addition of a kale leaf and the text, “Kale God.” Drake set the plant-based […]
In 2013, Justin Timberlake donned a tofu costume and performed in the iconic Saturday Night Live (SNL) skit, “Veganville.” Today, Veganville is more than just a fictional store – it actually exists in downtown Toronto. The Vegandale Village occupies a full city block, enticing the vegan (and non-vegan) community to gather and celebrate the cruelty-free […]
New public advertisements promoting the vegan lifestyle have landed in Toronto. The ads, from Go Vegan World, feature slogans such as, “Humane milk is a myth. Don’t buy it.” Ireland based Go Vegan World is an animal-focused campaign that uses advertisements to encourage people to give up animal products. The first of its kind in […]
The Save Movement is a global organisation which holds peaceful vigils outside slaughter houses. The movement was started in Toronto with the formation of the Toronto Pig Save. This group was founded by an activist named Anita Krajnc, who made headlines last year when criminal charges were brought against her for offering water to thirsty […]

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