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Following its recent investment into popular plant-based meat brand, Beyond Meat, Tyson Foods has now made a another investment into the clean meat brand, Memphis Meats. It seems even the largest meat producer in the United States is aware that the future is looking vegan. Memphis Meats is a brand for meat lovers who enjoy the […]
The future of food is much more vegan-friendly, so says the latest news from Tyson, the largest meat producer in the U.S. Having previously invested a five percent stake in California plant meat producer, Beyond Meat, just a year ago, Tyson has now upped its investment in the plant-based meat producer rocking the food world. Tyson’s latest […]
Tyson Foods is “an international leader in the food industry, especially chicken, beef and pork”. This meat company is not only a leading supplier of McDonalds, but has previously been blamed for the largest ever ocean dead zone. So why is this name and ‘veganism’ crossing paths? CEO Tom Hayes addressed the topic of vegan eating in […]
Finless Foods was founded last year and the lab has only been in production since March but already they have produced the worlds first lab grown ‘clean’ fish. Founded by biochemist uni friends, Mike Selden and Brian Wyrwas, who are at the forefront of lab fish production, Finless Foods has developed  the world’s first lab made fish. […]
Facebook and Twitter are perfect platforms for the general public to voice their opinions and has arguably given consumers a lot of insight into industries which were previously much less transparent. The meat industry though, remains opaque, although the very fact that so much goes on behind closed doors has piqued the interest of many […]

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