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Morrisons now carries vegan mozzarella sticks. Sold under the supermarket’s V Taste range, the No-Moozarella Sticks feature dairy-free cheese made from a blend of coconut oil and potato starch encased in a crispy parsley breadcrumb coating. It comes in a pack of eight and costs just £2.50. According to Morrisons, the new vegan party snack […]
UK supermarkets seem to be getting new vegan options at an alarming rate these days. Now, Lidl UK stocks two plant-based pizzas under its own-brand name, Trattoria Alfredo. The plant-based “Delicioza” pizzas — the own brand range has been available in European Lidl locations for a few years now — come in two flavors: Vegan […]
You can now buy vegan bacon-flavored fries from Asda supermarkets across the UK. Made with potatoes, onion powder, sunflower oil, and smoke flavoring, the skin-on vegan bacon fries taste just like “frazzle crisps,” according to one reviewer on the chain’s website. “Lovely and crisp and really delicious bacon flavour!” they wrote. “Can’t get enough of these. […]
You can now buy vegan cheese and onion focaccia at Asda UK. New to the supermarket chain’s “Free From” range, the new cheesy bread is gluten-free and comes topped with dairy-free red Leicester and caramelized red onions. While Asda’s classic rosemary focaccia is vegan, its mozzarella and red onion-topped bread uses traditional dairy-based cheese. But […]
UK supermarket chain Iceland will trial plastic-free produce in a bid to reduce ocean plastic pollution. The retailer aims to eliminate plastic completely from its own-brand products by 2023. The trial will launch at the frozen food giant’s Food Warehouse concept store, one of the larger stores opened by the company, in North Liverpool. The […]
Leading UK supermarket chain Waitrose has launched 14 new vegan products, including ready-meals, plant-based fish fingers, and frozen pizza. The fish-less cakes are made from potatoes, butter beans, and seaweed, and the fish-less fingers are made from breaded tofu. Waitrose is also launching dairy-free tartare sauce to pair with its new vegan seafood products. The […]
Affordable plant-based brand Alternative Foods is set to launch a new range of vegan cakes in UK supermarkets soon. Lemon Drizzle, Salted Caramel, Victoria Sponge, and Chocolate Fudge are the new flavors set to be available in the range, according to Instagram account Accidentally Vegan. The brand will also launch Free OGGS this year, a […]
As plant-based diets rise in popularity across the UK, vegan burgers, sausages, and nuggets are in abundance on the shelves of supermarket chains up and down the country. However, up until recently, a vegan option for a croissant was a rare find. But now, consumers can breakfast on a plant-based, dairy-free version of the flaky […]