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For fans of the popular mockumentary sitcom, The Office – the city of Scranton will certainly be familiar. Despite the show actually filmed in California, it is set in Scranton, Pennsylvania and the references to “Scranton ‘what’ the electric vegan city” are abundant. Most of the character’s favorite eateries are actual places in ‘the electric […]
A new partnership between Postmates and Impossible Foods is bringing L.A. residents a treat over the Thanksgiving holiday: burgers. Postmates will be the only delivery service offering on-demand free delivery of the plant based Impossible Burger throughout the holiday. Angelenos will be able to order the burger (via from Fatburger, a prominent burger chain that […]
Stories of plant-based fast food restaurants taking up residence in buildings previously used for traditional, meat-based fast food chains have hit the media lately. Plant Power Fast Food in San Diego have recently moved into what was once a Burger King, and vegetarian and organic drive thru, Amy’s, is set to fill a former Denny’s […]