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Renowned vegan runner, Fiona Oakes, has achieved another world record. Oakes smashed 14 minutes off the Guinness World Record for running the fastest time for a half marathon in an animal costume. To complete the achievement, Oakes ran in Norway’s Tromso Half Marathon. The former record was held at one hour and 46 minutes, but Oakes […]
Vegan mountaineer and photographer, Kuntal Joisher, has successfully climbed the world’s fourth-largest mountain Mt. Lhotse, part of the Everest massif, standing at 8,516 meters. He did it on a plant-based diet and only using vegan climbing gear. Joisher claims he is the first person to do so on an all-vegan expedition. “IMO – no human has climbed […]
Vegan surfer, Tia Blanco, just scored another major victory. The twenty-one-year-old was crowned champion at the Rip Curl Pro Tofino 2018 Championships on May 13, adding to her impressive collection of victories. The Rip Curl Pro is Canada’s longest-running surf competition, attracting talent from all over the world to ride the waves at Cox Bay […]

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