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New vegan snack brand Outstanding Foods makes a plant-based bacon chip that tastes so similar to bacon, it’s enough to make a steakhouse owner swear. The company is ramping up for the official launch of its premiere product, Pig Out vegan bacon chips. Made from mushrooms, the new product promises that “pigless bacon chips are tasty as […]
(Updated May 12, 2019.) A new vegan bacon chip is about to hit market shelves. Pig Out bacon chips by Outstanding Foods are said to be “so bacon-like that even meat lovers struggle to distinguish the real thing,” according to Food Navigator-USA. The plant-based pork rinds are expected to launch in June. Outstanding Foods is a […]
Before there were Impossible and Beyond Burgers, vegans had to get creative when craving that juicy, meaty texture. When tofu proved too spongy and tempeh was not quite right, vegans turned to mushrooms. These fungi replicate both the taste and texture of meat when prepared properly. Of course, we’ve got nothing against the amazing vegan […]
Beyond Meat, the Southern Calif.-based vegan food manufacturer reputed for creating ‘bleeding meat’ made from plants is now expanding into a new facility, enabling increased productivity and cutting the time needed to develop a whole host of vegan meats including plant-based versions of bacon, steak, pork, chicken. The new facility will also help the company […]
The University of California’s Alternative Meats Lab students presented their most recent projects this week, and one group brought vegan bacon to the table. Students had to present innovative solutions to topical food system issues such as the texture, moisture, and taste of vegan meat, helping the alternative meat industry get closer and closer to an identical […]
Today, Fortune reported that the World’s largest food and beverage company, Nestlé has moved forward with the acquisition of veggie food company Sweet Earth. The award winning organic food makers specialize in vegetarian and vegan products, with its entire range being 100% meat-free. Currently sold across at least 10,000 stores in the US, including in major […]