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With a projected turnover of £2 million in the next 12 months, the UK-based vegan yoghurt, milk, and cheese brand Nush Foods is thriving. Founded by two London police officers, Bethany and Paul Eaton, the company sells a variety of products, from almond and cashew milk yogurts in pots and kid-friendly tubes to creamy soft […]
After blowing up the Internet earlier this week with the news that all work events must be meat-free, the popular coworking space WeWork has received a Compassionate Business Award from animal rights organization PETA. “WeWork’s compassionate move to take meat off the menu is a positive first step toward saving animals’ lives, protecting the environment, […]
Paris has given many gifts to the world. One of them is the opportunity for personal reflection in response to the introduction of new ideas. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier has provided one of those opportunities. A small remote cabin in Canada has a less obvious gift to the world. One year ago, I […]
The Fry Family Food Company is favorited for its popular plant-based meat, but the story behind its founder and reason for continued operation runs even deeper. Wally Fry, founder and CEO of The Fry Family Food Company, is a former livestock agent. He claims to have bought and sold thousands of animals for food, once […]