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Toronto’s first-ever vegan brewery and restaurant is coming to the Parkdale neighborhood, also known as “Vegandale” by the locals. The Vegandale Brewery will join the other plant-based businesses on this up-and-coming vegan-friendly block. The new brewery is a collaborative effort from online lifestyle and entertainment brand management company The 5700 Inc. and Mill Street Brewery co-founder Michael Duggan. The […]
Canada has seen an influx of vegan spots as of late, as plant-based eating has been said to be the “dining of the future,” according to The Canadian Press. The publication spoke with multiple vegan business owners regarding this plant-based boom and discovered that it’s not being fueled by vegans, but by veg-curious omnivores interested in trying vegan food.  […]
Canadians are consuming less meat than what is recommended by the country’s Food Guide, according to recent data from Statistics Canada on behalf of the Canadian Meat Council. Although Chris White, President of the Canadian Meat Council states that “Canadians are consuming red and prepared meat well within Canada’s Food Guide recommendations,” the data shows that they are […]
In an effort to reduce food waste and promote vegan food, one club at the University of Ottawa regularly prepares plant-based meals for students made with food that would have otherwise been thrown away. According to the website, The People’s Republic of Delicious (PRD) is a collective run by student volunteers that aims to “offer […]
Canadian Senator Carolyn Stewart Olsen proposed a bill back on December 10, 2015. Now, this bill, the Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act (Bill S-214), is currently before the Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology. The bill, among many things, aims to amend the Food and Drugs Act to protect animals from the horrors of animal testing. Specifically, […]
Jackass legend and animal rights activist Steve-O has been tasting some delicious vegan eats in Canada’s cattle state of Calgary. Showing off goods from The Kind Kitchen — a Canada-based, vegan food delivery service, and catering company — Steve-O encouraged others to give them a try. He could hardly finish the video before digging into […]