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In a partnership with Women’s Health Magazine, vegan actress and dancer Jenna Dewan participated in a vegan fast-food taste test video to determine the best-tasting vegan options. Dewan is perfect for the role; she became a vegetarian when she was eleven and went vegan in 2013, which was ahead of the vegan boom. She knows […]
Vegan celebrity Pamela Anderson believes that a vegan diet is one of the keys to a healthy sex life. In a recent interview with alternative culture magazine Dazed, the longtime animal rights activist addressed questions from fans regarding sex and relationships. One 27-year-old fan came to Anderson with a question related to the health of his […]
A-list celebrity and vegan activist Pamela Anderson sported cruelty-free vegan leather shoes on a recent segment of Megyn Kelly TODAY. Whilst on the show, Anderson chatted about her favorite vegan vices. The former “Baywatch” actor wore stylish black stilettos from her friend’s company, MINK shoes. At the Met Gala earlier this year, fellow outspoken vegan celebrity […]