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Walmart just upped its vegan food offerings, adding dairy-free cheese by Nafsika’s Garden to its deli cases in Canada. The cheese is made with coconut oil and comes in three varieties: cheddar-style, smoked gouda-style, and Swiss-style. Celeb Cheesemaker Vegan television personality Nafsika Antypas, the host and executive producer of “Plant-Based by Nafsika,” is the company […]
Joining the likes of other British supermarkets, Morrisons is now stocking its own-brand vegan Red Leicester cheese slices. Dairy-based Red Leicester cheese is made in a similar way to cheddar but is typically more moist, crumbly, and holds a milder flavour. Morrisons’ dairy-free Red Leicester cheese, which is made using coconut oil and potato starch, contains […]
UK Italian restaurant Piatto is serving vegan spaghetti in bowls of dairy-free cheese. Penne, spaghetti, and courgette pasta are available at the Cardiff-based restaurant along with a range of vegan sauces including Norma (slow-cooked cherry tomatoes and fresh aubergine) and Pomodorini (cherry tomatoes with basil, crushed garlic, and virgin olive oil). Diners have the choice […]