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Artisan chocolatier Montezuma’s has vegan dark chocolate mini peanut butter eggs for Easter. Made from 56 percent dark chocolate, Montezuma’s describes the confections as “soft centred, bite-sized and very addictive.” According to the company, customers requested a dairy-free version of its popular peanut butter-stuffed Easter eggs. Founded by lawyers-turned-chocolatiers, Helen and Simon Pattinson, Montezuma’s began with […]
Cadbury’s vegan milkshakes are bringing all the boys – and everyone else – to the yard. The international chocolate brand just launched its first-ever powdered milkshake, and it’s vegan. Called Choc’Shake, the powdered chocolate is designed to be mixed with cold milk. Since the powder contains no animal products, using plant-based milk will give Cadbury […]
Have you ever wished you could have your very own vegan chocolate Ryan Gosling? No? Oh, right. Me neither. Just in case, Jen Lindsey-Clark, has created Gosling-inspired chocolate geese, complete with realistic carvings of the actor’s face and the body and feet of a goose. Obviously. The Goslings are available in three types of Belgian […]
Asda UK now offers vegan chocolate orange buttons; one bag will set you back just £0.37. The dairy-free chocolate treats are part of Asda’s Free From line, made without dairy, eggs, and wheat. The citrusy chocolates aren’t the only vegan buttons the affordable grocery store carries. You can also find vegan white chocolate buttons and […]