A Dubai-based chocolate company has launched a new line of vegan chocolates in honor of the month-long Islamic holiday, Ramadan. Mirzam Chocolate Makers‘ chocolate-covered dates were created as a sweet treat to break the daily fast, both during Iftar (the meal at sunset) and Suhoor (the pre-dawn meal).  Mirzam Chocolate Makers explained that it has […]
The love for chocolate is universal, and a new study shows that the world is eating more vegan chocolate. Part of this rise in chocolate consumption is due to holiday-themed chocolates, and with Easter right around the corner, people around the world will be increasing their cocoa intake with dark chocolate eggs and solid chocolate […]
The Cadbury Creme Egg is an international Easter bestseller that has yet to be veganized on a commercial scale, until now. Besos Food and Drinks, a British company specializing in plant-based liqueurs and chocolate, is working on a vegan version of this Easter favorite. Besos is best known for its Besos De Oro (Golden Kisses) liqueur. Many […]
If you’ve ever found it too difficult to decide whether to sit on your couch and devour a decadent bar of vegan chocolate or taking a yoga class, you no longer have to choose between the two. Combining the happy place you find when eating chocolate and the soul-cleansing happy place in yoga of course only […]
A retro-inspired vegan chocolate and sweets shop is opening in Glasgow later this year, replete with a retro Willy Wonka vibe. The brainchild of chocolatier Adele Ralston, best known as Vegan Burd, and also known as the Scottish city’s ‘Vegan Willy Wonka,’ the chocolate and sweets shop is currently in the fundraising phase to help […]
A true Valentine’s Day miracle has apparently occurred in the UK, according to the website Vegan Food UK: a vegan shopper has found what may be the first-ever vegan version of the popular chocolate hazelnut treats, Ferrero Rocher.  You know the ones — the gold-foil-wrapped chocolates with the hazelnut center delicately rolled in chocolate and bits […]
Market research organized by Mintel uncovered big news for the vegan candy industry — specifically, that the launch of vegan candies has increased by 140 percent since 2013. The report also uncovered major growth in vegan candy interest in Germany. “The market research firm has also revealed that three out of 10 (28%) German consumers […]
Vegan food is a hot trend right now, and chocolate is no exception. A new market research report has shown the vegan chocolate market is set for a sweet future. The report showed people, especially Millennials, are doing a bulk of their purchasing online, a large factor in the expected vegan chocolate market segment growth. With […]