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After a four-year-long hiatus, S’mores Oreos are back – and vegan. In May 2015, Oreo blessed the bellies of many with its limited-edition S’mores-style cookie. Inspired by the campfire treat, Oreos’ version includes graham cracker-flavored cookies and chocolate and marshmallow creme layers. This April, the snack will be rolled out again across the United States, INSIDER reports. […]
The eighth and final season of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” is coming – Oreos launched limited-edition cookies to celebrate. The iconic cookie company posted a teaser last February hinting at the GoT Oreo’s arrival, which are available in major retailers nationwide now. The GoT Oreos don’t have special flavors, but the cookies are embossed with […]
The Beatles were wrong when they said you “Can’t Buy Me Love” because a bouquet of Oreos is available at Walmart for $72 – and it might be the most perfect vegan Valentine’s Day gift ever. The All Oreo Lovers Cookie Bouquet comes with 19 packs of the original vegan flavor arranged in a vase […]
It’s Girl Scout cookie season. And if you’ve been waiting as long as we have for these to cycle back, you’re going to love this list to discover which Girl Scout cookie flavors are vegan. And fear not: while these cookies certainly aren’t healthy, they’re better for you than the traditional cookie options. And your […]
I’ve been meaning to make Nutella cookies for the longest time. The reason it’s taken so long is because, as you may know from many of my previous posts, I really struggled making hazelnut butter at home. I also struggled to find hazelnut butter to buy! But thankfully as of very recently, that problem has […]
I’m absolutely obsessed with sweet and savory desserts, and I am always looking for new ways to feed my sweet and salty addiction. When I came across this non-vegan recipe I knew I needed to try my hand at making it vegan. I have to say this might be my all-time favorite cookie recipe. I’d […]