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£1 Buttery Vegan Croissants Now At Carluccio’s

£1 Buttery Vegan Croissants Are Coming to Carluccio’s

High street Italian restaurant chain Carluccio’s is adding two new vegan croissants to the menu: the Croissant Vegano and the Saccottini al Cioccolato (similar to a pain au chocolat). Carluccio’s will begin selling the Croissant...
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Veganarchy Bakery Sets Up Shop in Iconic Australian French Patisserie

An independent vegan baker just took over the storefront of an iconic non-vegan French patisserie in Canberra, Australia. Starting this week, Veganarchy sweet treats will be featured in the former Croissant D’Or shop, reviving...
The Secret to Baking the 'Perfect' Buttery Vegan Croissants

The Secret to Baking the ‘Perfect’ Buttery Vegan Croissants

Light, flaky, buttery goodness. There's nothing quite like the perfect croissant. Of course, this perfection is difficult to attain, vegan or otherwise. For years, the coveted croissant had baffled vegan bakers who could never...