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Gone are the days when hummus was merely a carrot dip. From dedicated supermarket shelves lined with hummus varieties to celebratory hummus festivals, it appears people cannot get enough of this smooth chickpea-based spread, and its uses are becoming more and more varied. Now, London-based hummus manufacturers, HOU, are debuting the UK’s first sweet dessert hummus, […]
India-based dairy brand, Hangyo, has released two new vegan ice cream flavors. Prepared from coconut and cocoa, the new dairy-free frozen desserts are available in coconut or choconut flavor. The launch received government-support as the Union Agriculture Minister, Radha Mohan Singh, celebrated the recent 90th Foundation Day of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) in New Delhi. Hangyo […]
Minnesotans are in for another helping of a celebrated sweet vegan business. Vegan East, a husband-and-wife vegan bakery, is launching its second location in the heart of Minneapolis later this summer. From her modest from-scratch beginnings, self-taught proprietress Sheila Nelson began baking around her full-time job. With a surge of online sales and steadily rising […]
Back in November 2017, Conagra, the parent company of the popular aerosol can-based whipped cream, Reddi-Wip, promised to develop a vegan option. The brand made the announcement in an attempt to “cater to consumers’ growing interest in non-dairy, plant-based foods,” according to a CNBC report. Today, the company has delivered on this promise. Vegan coconut and almond […]
Whole Foods Market just launched its own vegan ice cream via its 365 Everyday Value line. These new dairy-free desserts were released just before the weekend, rolling out to select southern California stores in a soft launch phase. A LIVEKINDLY reporter noticed the new products during a stroll down the ice cream aisle. The pints […]