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After announcing the brand had released seven new vegan flavors in September last year, traditionally dairy-heavy ice cream brand Halo Top has now added to their range of low-calorie, coconut-based vegan ice cream. Icecream lovers rejoice! Halo Top’s two new plant-based flavor additions are Toasted Coconut and Vanilla Maple. These will later to be joined […]
Before last year’s end, Pinterest rounded up its top 100 trends and showed just how much they’d grown in popularity throughout the 365 days. Ranking high on this list were vegan desserts and plant based meats, as well as edamame and snap peas — which were frequently posted about as healthy replacements for potato chips. Because […]
Ok, so right about now, it’s +90 here in L.A. which means it must be time for some ice-cream! Not that you need any kinda toasty weather as an excuse, but as it makes any outing for cake sound a bit more legit….let’s run with it! But, where to, you may ask?! Well, not to […]
Have you ever heard of aquafaba? It’s a little known secret which vegans like to keep up their sleeve for surprising non-vegan friends with fluffy desserts which you would usually only achieve from whisking eggs. Aquafaba is chickpea water! Yup, no more pouring that stuff down the sinkhole! You can use aquafaba to make amazing […]