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Many celebrities are known to follow a plant-based diet to fuel their fast-paced lifestyles. Woody Harrelson, Paul McCartney, Miley Cyrus, Jessica Chastain – plus an increasing number of professional athletes. Bryan Adams is also part of this group; the Canadian musician has eaten solely plant-based foods since 1989. He told Kleinezeitung in 2017, “[a] vegan diet strengthens the […]
Following a vegan diet can reduce the risk of colon cancer, according to a new study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine. The study, which evaluated 77,000 adults, found that on average eating a vegan diet heavy in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, and nuts, may lower the risk of colon cancer by 16 […]
How can you avoid anemia on a vegan diet? Most often caused by an iron deficiency, a plant-based diet may increase one’s risk of anemia. But by including certain foods in your diet, you can help reduce your risk of this health condition. What Causes Anemia in Vegans? Are vegans particularly at risk of developing […]
If you need a little motivation, turn to the red carpet for a little glamour and a whole lot of vegan inspo from these 50 vegan celebrities who’ve made meatless a way of life. 50 Vegan Celebrities Who Are in It for the Long Haul 1. Moby The musician, author, restaurateur, and festival producer has […]
It’s been just over one year since filmmaker Kevin Smith suffered a near-fatal heart attack that would eventually transform his health for the better. The filmmaker wrote on Instagram that he spent the one-year anniversary “living it up” with longtime friends and “Jay and Silent Bob” co-stars Jason Mewes and Jason Lee, to work on […]
In an uncensored Instagram post, reality star Steve-O called vegans “annoying.” But there were caveats. Lots. “To all the combative, annoying vegans who are choosing to attack me for not forcing veganism on my cats, and for not being a strict, militant vegan myself (even though I haven’t eaten any meat other than fish for […]
Bill Maher, political commentator, PETA supporter, and host of HBO’s “Real Time” said on Friday that America needs to build a wall – but not the one that the current White House administration wants. Instead, he suggested a “sea wall,” because “the ice is melting and rising oceans are going to swallow Miami.” Maher added […]
BBC naturalist Chris Packham hasn’t eaten meat in 30 years. But it was 31 days without animal products that finally turned him vegan. “We know the world is eating too much meat, and we know that we as individuals have to do something about it,” he wrote in the Guardian. “So I was one of the […]