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Linda Middlesworth has been vegan for almost 30 years, but she didn’t make the switch until she was nearly 45 years old. Now an energetic, aerobic-loving vegan guru at the thriving age of 74, Middlesworth works to help others on their plant-based journey through her company, Vegan Mentor. Her story is unique yet entirely relatable, […]
Pittsburgh Steelers’ running back Le’Veon Bell has been keeping in shape during the offseason with his vegan diet and a bit of boxing to ensure his knees are in top shape ahead of the 2018-2019 NFL season. ESPN reported that while Bell and the Steelers have not yet come to contract arrangements, Bell says he intends to […]
In the recent issue of Animal Equality’s biannual magazine, “Their Voice,” actor Kate Mara dives into her vegan lifestyle, favorite snacks, restaurants, and what’s most important to keep her focused on the diet. “I have always been an animal lover and was a vegetarian for a while off and on. When I read my friend […]
Rich Roll, an internationally renowned ultra-endurance athlete, author, and podcast host, has garnered numerous acclaims in the plant-based community. However, this vegan powerhouse recently gained some well-deserved recognition from the mainstream men’s fitness magazine, Men’s Health. After naming him “The World’s Fittest Vegan” back in March, the magazine continued to follow Roll for an in-depth […]
One of the great American myths we are taught from childhood is that competition breeds efficiency. In high school I recall learning about Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand and the free market, which, if left unfettered, magically achieves a perfect equilibrium between supply and demand, consumer and producer. The reality is that capitalism has engulfed us […]
Vegan brothers Phil and Matt Letten want everyone to relax about veganism. According to their new book, people are 90% vegan anyway – at least in their mindset. The brothers assert that most people love animals and accidentally consume vegan food on the daily. Foods like fruit, the occasional salad, and vodka. “Vodka is Vegan: […]