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Meet the ultimate vegan burger for summer. These meat-free burgers combine sweet, savory, creamy, crunchy texture, and a little bit of spice all in one bite. It starts with a green pea guacamole mixed with peppery hot sauce, tropical mango, smoky cumin, garlic clove, zesty lime, and fresh coriander. The crown jewel — meaty Beyond […]
Vegan or not, you probably have a go-to hummus recipe or a favorite store brand. This Mediterranean delight has become a staple worldwide. It’s mild, free of common food allergens, and goes with just about anything. The popularity of hummus is a great thing, but sometimes it can be a bit boring. Kick up your […]
Spring is a good opportunity to try new things. So why not try experimenting with some different dishes? Welcome in the new season with these 30 vegan recipes. Packed with healthy plant-based ingredients, not only are they tasty, but most are pretty nutritious too. What are you waiting for? Get cooking. 30 Vegan Recipes For […]