I’m obsessed with this recipe for Vegan Enchilada Suiza Bake, which was developed out of my love for chickpea flour and the YouTube autoplay rabbit hole I fell through last week. (Alternate post title: Vegan Falls Down a K-Hole.) Normally my “work” week begins on Monday when I finalize my weekly recipes, and publish my […]
I had so many requests for a parmigiana recipe, and I really wanted to make something healthy-ish with low/no oil (if you add your own cashew cheese or other homemade cheese to the top, you could easily make this recipe oil-free). I loved the texture of the chick’n and it didn’t have a strong mock […]
Mushrooms fragranced with Chinese five-spice powder and presented in a stunning vegan puff pastry plait, this Asian Mushroom Wellington is perfect for entertaining. The hearty plant-based filling is bound to please everyone whether you eat meat or not. You can serve this meal with these Asian Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Cashews as a side dish. The mushroom filling can […]
A wonderful alternative to traditional paella, and full of flavour. The taste of the sea is achieved not with fish but with arame, a mild tasting sea vegetable. This recipe is made in two stages – so don’t be put off by the length of the recipe. Basically, you make the simple Saffron Rice Pilaf. […]