A new vegan seafood is on its way to the United Kingdom. The North Carolina-based Atlantic Natural Foods — which owns vegetarian protein brand Loma Linda — is gearing up to launch its fish-free “Tuno” to the British market. Loma Linda has produced sustainable plant-based foods for over a century —  it started operating in […]
Can you revolutionize the $120 billion seafood industry with plants? Good Catch Foods, a chef-driven, NYC-based food startup, believes that it can. “Our goal was to create a product that has the same texture, flavor, and nutritional value as real tuna – without harming our oceans and sea life,” says vegan chef Chad Sarno, co-founder […]
Chipotle Mexican Grill may be looking into adding vegan fish to the menu in the near future. The fast-casual chain recently announced eight food startups that will participate in its new mentorship program, the Chipotle Aluminaries Project, in partnership with Denver-based non-profit Uncharted. The program will provide “resources needed to grow and make a positive […]
Sustainable, cruelty-free fish and chips has become a reality; UK-based meatless brand Quorn has launched vegan battered cod filets. Called the Quorn Vegan Salt & Vinegar Battered Fishless Filets and Quorn Vegan Lemon and Pepper Breaded Fishless Filets, the two new products provide a plant-based version of cod, one of the UK’s most-consumed fish. Both join […]
It’s December, which in Britain means beer, beer, and more beer. Fish and chips at least once a week is standard. So I decided to combine my love for beer and battered then fried food, with a vegan spin. Welcome to beer battered vegan tofish. Beer Battered Tofish December 29, 2018 by Aaron Calder Category Food […]
The UK is adding to its roster of vegan fish options with the launch last month of F-ish, a plant-based alternative to smoked salmon. F-ish’s creator, who just goes by Moko, says the idea for the brand is rooted in her childhood. “When I was younger, I lived in Japan and ate a lot of seafood,” Moko […]
Producer and DJ Christopher Comstock, better known Marshmello, prepared a vegan fish and chips with British singer James Arthur in a YouTube episode of “Cooking With Marshmello,” a series the producer hosts often with his musical collaborators. Arthur, who went vegan last year, appears in the new Marshmello single, “You Can Cry.” The duo prepares a […]