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Vegan meat brand Loma Linda Foods launched a new line of vegan tuna, in partnership with Walmart, adding to the leading supermarket’s already wide range of vegan food. The new range includes tinned vegan tuna in three different flavors — spring water, lemon pepper, and sriracha. There are also three pouch versions which include sesame […]
Comedian, actor, and writer Ricky Gervais snacked on vegan fish fingers during his recently released Netflix series “After Life.” The dark comedy web series — which Gervais created, executive produced, directed, and starred in — tells the story of Tony, who lives a perfect life until his wife passes away. He considers suicide but decides […]
A new vegan seafood is on its way to the United Kingdom. The North Carolina-based Atlantic Natural Foods — which owns vegetarian protein brand Loma Linda — is gearing up to launch its fish-free “Tuno” to the British market. Loma Linda has produced sustainable plant-based foods for over a century —  it started operating in […]
Can you revolutionize the $120 billion seafood industry with plants? Good Catch Foods, a chef-driven, NYC-based food startup, believes that it can. “Our goal was to create a product that has the same texture, flavor, and nutritional value as real tuna – without harming our oceans and sea life,” says vegan chef Chad Sarno, co-founder […]
Chipotle Mexican Grill may be looking into adding vegan fish to the menu in the near future. The fast-casual chain recently announced eight food startups that will participate in its new mentorship program, the Chipotle Aluminaries Project, in partnership with Denver-based non-profit Uncharted. The program will provide “resources needed to grow and make a positive […]
Sustainable, cruelty-free fish and chips has become a reality; UK-based meatless brand Quorn has launched vegan battered cod filets. Called the Quorn Vegan Salt & Vinegar Battered Fishless Filets and Quorn Vegan Lemon and Pepper Breaded Fishless Filets, the two new products provide a plant-based version of cod, one of the UK’s most-consumed fish. Both join […]
It’s December, which in Britain means beer, beer, and more beer. Fish and chips at least once a week is standard. So I decided to combine my love for beer and battered then fried food, with a vegan spin. Welcome to beer battered vegan tofish. This recipe was republished with permission from Aaron Calder Vegan. […]
The UK is adding to its roster of vegan fish options with the launch last month of F-ish, a plant-based alternative to smoked salmon. F-ish’s creator, who just goes by Moko, says the idea for the brand is rooted in her childhood. “When I was younger, I lived in Japan and ate a lot of seafood,” Moko […]