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On the day of his 98th birthday, Roy Burdin, a resident of Longton Village in Lancastershire, credits his vegan diet for his long life and good health. Even as he nears 100-years-old, the elderly vegan, who lives independently, is now pushing for plant-based meals in assisted living facilities. According to local news source Lancastershire Press, Burdin has been […]
In a recent article published by Men’s Health Australia, it was revealed just how many readers of the top-selling men’s magazine would be willing to try a vegan diet. The article discussed the environmental sustainability of plant-based diets, vegan celebrity Chris Hemsworth, and the recent influx of athletes and bodybuilders who have eschewed traditional markers of […]
A new study published in the journal Nature Communications suggests that if humans want to improve gut health, they need only look to the diet of our closest animal relatives, chimpanzees and gorillas. The study aimed to analyze the extent to which the gastrointestinal microbiome, or the living bacteria and microbes present in the gut, impacts […]
The Blue Zones Project is a wellbeing initiative that identifies factors which improve longevity and implements these into communities. The campaign, which promotes following a vegan diet, is set to expand to Californian town, Paradise, the Paradise Post reported. Currently, the Blue Zone Project operates within 42 communities across America and has seen more than […]