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You can now find pints of vegan caramel pecan ice cream in Tesco supermarkets. Made by UK-based brand Perfect World, the dairy-free ice cream is low in both calories and sugar. Perfect World aims to make a better-for-you treat by sweetening it with stevia, xylitol, and erythritol, rather than sugar. Eggs were removed from the […]
UK supermarket chain Sainsbury’s now sells low-calorie vegan chocolate ice cream. Made by Jude’s — a dessert brand that typically produces dairy-based ice cream — the vegan product is made with creamy coconut milk and is described as “smooth, rich, and delicious.” Containing no added sugar, the dairy-free dessert offers 30 percent less sugar and […]
When entrepreneur Alexa Teixeira won big on the long-running game show “Deal or No Deal,” she decided to put the money toward vegan ice cream. Teixeira and her business partner Jeanette Murillo co-founded the LA-based frozen dessert brand Karma Ice Kreme about two years ago. According to the website, the company aims to “revolutionize” healthy […]
Vegan ice cream by international brand Solero is now available at Waitrose. Solero, owned by Unilever and sold under the name Splice in Australia and Heartbrand in several other countries, has launched its organic fruit ice lollies in the UK. The treats, available in flavours like Peach Organic and Lemon Organic, feature fruit juice and […]
Weis ice cream bars are an Australian classic dating back to the late 1950s when the first fruit-and-dairy ice cream bars hit the market. More than 50 years later, the brand is catering to evolving tastes with dairy-free options. Not only are there vegan versions of the ice cream bars, which replace the dairy with […]
Dairy-free brand NadaMoo! has launched three new flavors of vegan ice cream. The brand now offers 18 flavors of dairy-free ice cream, including its three latest additions: Banana Caramel Crunch, Peach Cobbler, and Marshmallow Stardust. The latter flavor is described as a “mystical marshmallow explosion.” The brand told fans on Instagram that it tastes like Lucky Charms […]
Ben & Jerry’s has created a vegan version of its top-selling flavor, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. The launch also features an exclusive non-dairy flavor, Chocolate Caramel Clusters. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough features vanilla almond milk ice cream with bits of vegan cookie dough and fair trade chocolate chunks. Chocolate Caramel Cluster combines sweet and salty […]
Häagen-Dazs launched just boozy vegan ice cream as part of its new Spirits line and it tastes just like amaretto. The new non-dairy frozen treat, Amaretto Black Cherry Toffee, features an amaretto-flavored ice cream base with swirls of black cherry jam and almond toffee pieces. While inspired by spirits, it won’t get you drunk or even […]