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New Jersey Senator Cory Booker does not shy away from his vegan lifestyle. He intelligently promotes the movement and often lends his support for fellow vegans doing their part to spread the compassionate message. Yesterday, the senator gave a Twitter shoutout to The Vegan Bros, praising their new book, “Vodka is Vegan.” “I’m grateful to […]
Los Angeles-based dairy-free brand, Califia Farms, maker of plant-based milk and coffee beverages, has just launched a branded print magazine called Pour Over. Reported by Publishers Daily, the magazine will focus primarily on familiarizing readers with Califia Farms, coffee culture, and living a plant-based lifestyle. It will also feature articles on brands and individuals who are working toward […]
Actor, singer, and author Taraji P. Henson recently revealed that she’s following a vegan diet for her health. The award-winning actor — best known for her roles in the Fox drama “Empire” and the acclaimed 2016 drama “Hidden Figures” — told InStyle at the end of last year that she decided to become vegan after […]
Have you ever noticed how the topic of veganism always seems to spark a debate or even a down-right dirty name calling kerfuffle? Isn’t it strange that a social justice movement focused on reducing harm can cause so many frontal veins to burst? As veganism grows more mainstream, so does the social norm to hate on […]